June 2017


That’s Covfefe

To be sung to the tune of Dean Martin’s signature song

(In America, there’s a toddler king
And when he tweets, here’s what it means)


When you promise a wall
that costs “nothing at all,”
That’s Covfefe

When you sit and you tweet
on your gold toilet seat,
That’s Covfefe

When your wife slaps your hand
and it’s bad for your brand,
That’s Covfefe

When you act like a punk
‘cause you’ve got tiny junk,
That’s Covfefe


Pulling out of Paris
that’s not manly to me—
That’s Covfefe

When you’re acting surprised
as the sea starts to rise,
That’s Covfefe

When your golfing estate’s
beneath a salt water lake,
That’s Covfefe

When you wish it was a dream
but you know you’re not dreaming,

Excusez mon Français, but in every way,
That’s Covfefe

repeat with full chorus